Kunststof Recycling Nederland is an international company engaged in plastic recycling. Despite this, however, we maintain short lines of communication. KRN specialises in processing and recycling hard plastics. Through innovative solutions, the company turns plastic waste into high-grade raw materials.

What we do

We sort plastic waste based on density, colour, structure and shape

Using big data, our robotic sorting machine automatically sorts the waste based on its density, colour, structure and shape. Our processing lines are suitable for processing both single and mixed flows.

How we do it

Plastic recycling is an important factor in the transition to a circular economy. By investing in technological innovation and optimised recycling processes, we will be able to (re)use our sources more and more efficiently. KRN is constantly working on this. We process and recycle waste to produce high-grade raw materials.

The objective of KRN

Creating future proof sustainable resources

Europe wants to be climate neutral by 2050, and we are already taking steps in this process. KRN plays a key role in this. In cooperation with partners and clients, KRN pursues a single goal: realising a circular economy.

How we commit to circularity

Environmentally friendly activities

Discover how we can help you contribute to a sustainable future.

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Something to be proud of

We process plastic for these sectors, among others

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