Post-consumer and
post-industrial products

KRN primarily focusses on post-consumer products, like trays, buckets, garden furniture, car bumpers and mixed plastic flows originating from waste collection facilities. In addition, we also recycle old waste containers and post-industrial products, such as residuals from horticulture and production companies. The KRN production lines are suitable for both single and mixed waste flows.

Depending on the customer's preferences, we consider possible new applications for the submitted plastics. That way, we can return the end product or raw material to the customer, thus completing the cycle. Any plastics we do not return to the customer are turned into granulate and sold to the plastic-processing industry.

When it comes to hard plastics, we realise circularity in the following waste chains:

  • Waste collectors
  • Waste sorters
  • Agricultural sector
  • Horticulture sector
  • Municipalities
  • Waste collection facilities
  • Automotive 
  • Packaging 
  • Plastic-processing manufacturers


Waste collectors & sorters

KRN specialises in collecting plastic waste flows. By partnering with KRN, you will gain a flexible, proactive partner, with short lines of communication and practical logistics solutions. At our processing locations in Veghel, we have access to an efficient, modern machine pool that we use to turn plastic into raw materials for the plastic-processing industry.


Modern plastic waste containers need to be replaced after about 10 to 15 years. KRN offers an intelligent solution for the processing of this voluminous waste product. Collecting the old waste containers from you is no problem for us, whether this concerns small or large containers (up to no less than 1700 litres) or small or large batches up to thousands of units. We recycle the old waste containers, so they can be reused in the form of raw materials. Since we collect in all municipalities in the Netherlands each month, we can offer excellent terms for the collection of smaller batches, too.

Waste collection facilities

Consumers use more and more products containing hard plastics. Luckily, consumers also increasingly sort this plastic waste. This means an increase in plastic waste at waste collection facilities. The hard plastics submitted to the waste collection facilities form a so-called mixed flow which KRN can turn into high-grade raw materials using sophisticated technologies.

Production companies

Due to the growing raw material shortages, production companies are increasingly considering the issue of efficiency when it comes to their raw materials. Moreover, we've noticed that many production companies are consciously working on reducing their waste output. Responsible disposal and recycling of residuals is the preferred option for many companies. KRN offers solutions in this area. KRN can easily turn production waste, punch scrap and waste due to production errors into new raw materials. On top of that, we are happy to lend our thoughts when it comes to managing post-consumer waste; how to collect this once the consumer discards the product, for example. After all, recycling is something you do together!

Horticultural and agricultural sectors

Reusing plastic materials from plant nurseries and the horticulture sector is not a profitable process. Large numbers of used trays and pots take up a lot of space and tend to get in the way. KRN offers logistical support when it comes to temporary storage and collection. If necessary, KRN can provide 800 to 1000-litre containers that are exchanged upon collection. That way, you will benefit from an efficient and effective way to temporarily store your plastic waste on site, and we can make sure your waste is not wasted, but processed into sustainable, high-grade raw materials.


Packaging companies

Plastic residuals or waste flows are a growing component of many company waste flows. This especially goes for packaging materials, such as buckets, trays and pallets. Responsible collection and recycling of these residuals are crucial. Not just for your operations, but for the environment as well. KRN offers a unique total concept to help you with this. Of course, we will lend our thoughts on potential new applications for your residuals, too. For example, we can return the end product or raw materials to you, or KRN can keep them, thus completing the cycle!

KRN has been cleared for the processing of plastics for the food industry by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 


Car bumpers are large and unwieldy. They're always in the way and make up a significant part of your waste. Restrictive measures by the government mean that disposing of waste bumpers is a serious issue for your company. KRN has the answer: a unique total solution for the collection and recycling of car bumpers. Thanks to the compact bumper rack and the flexible KRN pickup service, you can save time, money and frustration. Your company location will look nice and tidy, and KRN will fully recycle the bumpers to produce new high-grade raw materials.