The plastic recycling process

The recycling process for plastic involves a number of steps. KRN starts by collecting hard plastic materials. Afterwards, we reduce, sort, clean and grind these plastics to produce high-grade raw materials.

Sorting plastic based on density, colour, structure and shape

KRN processes both single and mixed plastic flows. Using the latest recycling technologies, KRN can sort plastics based on density, colour, structure and shape. We can distinguish between 7 different colours for each plastic type. We recycle conventional hard plastics like PP, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PS, and PA.


Grinding and cleaning plastic

KRN constantly tracks all materials. The cleaned and ground plastics are regularly tested in a controlled environment. That way, we can safeguard their quality.


High-grade ground materials

Careful separation of plastic waste is the foundation of high-quality recycled materials. Thanks to our optimised recycling process, we can produce high-grade ground materials, which contributes to our mission of realising a circular plastic chain.