Supply of plastic materials

Careful separation of plastic waste is the foundation of high-quality recycled materials. Through the targeted purchasing of plastic products, we can often process similar plastics together, maintaining their quality. It is no surprise, then, that the activities of KRN start at the source. We closely cooperate with our clients, so we can ensure the circular processing of plastic materials together.


Expensive disposal of plastic products? Not if you let KRN handle it. Every day, our trucks drive standard routes all over the country to collect plastic waste. We visit every municipality in the Netherlands at least once a week, so we can drop by your location quickly. As such, we can be flexible in our logistics planning.

For example, did you receive a large order that resulted in significant waste flows? KRN can quickly collect this from you, at a fair rate. Do you need the raw materials again in the near future? In that case, we'll make sure they're returned to you quickly.


If you are able to transport your plastic waste yourself, we would be happy to receive you at our location in Veghel. KRN offers market rates for waste delivery and plenty of space in our processing capacity to accept your plastic flows. Your cargo is weighed upon arrival, after which you will receive a delivery note containing all the information in detail.